Power Transmission Towers

Power Transmission Towers

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The Situation

Power Transmission Towers often rust and corrode over time, and without proper maintenance, utilities may need to invest in untimely and costly replacement.

Because towers are sometimes located close to major roads, it is important to the surrounding community that these structures are properly maintained. In the past residents have complained of the visual appearance of the towers. As a result, this customer needed a protective coating that is aesthetically pleasing while it also protects the towers from rust and corrosion.

The Solution

LINE-X® XS-350 industrial coatings are used to protect the transmission towers from rust and corrosion saving the utility company costs and downtime. It also assures that the structures are aesthetically pleasing keeping the surrounding community happy.

The Procedure

Prior to coating the towers, weeds and dirt are removed from the area surrounding the bottom of the tower. The surface is then sand blasted to remove rust, corrosion and other coatings. Metal repairs are made if necessary. The next step is to apply the LINE-X XPM Primer to prep the substrate so the LINE-X XS-350 can be applied. The LINE-X XPM Primer allows for a strong bond to the metal surface allowing the XS-350 protective coating to adhere to the metal surface with an indestructible Protective Coating finish. Lastly, the XS-350 is applied onto the XPM Primer to create a water sealed surface free from rust and corrosion.

The Results

Power Transmission Towers protected with LINE-X have decreased downtime and maintenance costs saving the utility company time, frustration and money. This solution is the cost effective way to keep the towers protected from rust and corrosion and looking their best.