Pumping Station

Pumping Station

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The Situation

Due to urban sprawl more and more communities and engineers are taking additional steps to protect and extend the service life of new and existing wastewater structures.

A municipality in one such area controls a pumping station that has been degrading slowly over time. The walls of these stations are particularly susceptible to the corrosive environment and will easily deteriorate without protection.

As infiltration and the effect of corrosive gases are the two primary causes of deterioration in a collection system, the addition of a corrosion barrier to a new structure will not only ensure a longer service life to the system, it will make the rough concrete surface easier to clean.

The Solution

The municipality needed a coatings solution that could prevent corrosion and effectively extend the crucial components, parts and overall service life of the pumping station with limited service interruption.

To minimize the downtime of the pumping station, LINE-X was chosen because of its extremely fast drying times. By choosing LINE-X industrial coatings, the time to return to service was 5-7 days faster than the other coatings systems considered for the project. The speed of return to service was extremely important as the station is an integral part of the removal of rain and sewage water.

The Results

The pumping station was back online with minimal downtime. Again, LINE-X protective coatings were chosen because of its fast cure time. By choosing LINE-X the municipality was able to return the station to service was much faster than the other coatings systems considered for the project.


Customer comments:

LINE-X delivers VERY fast shutdown times, and this job needed that! A heavy rainfall would make it necessary for us to put water back in the pumping station.”