Recycle Bins

Recycle Bins

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The Situation

Recycle bins throughout U.S. National Parks take extreme abuse. They are continuously exposed to severe weather, sandstorms, and UV damage. The interior of the bins are equally damaged by such items as garbage, aluminum cans, glass bottles, and food waste. These elements degrade the appearance and functionality of the bins. The abuse wears away the thin coat of paint used to protect the metal underneath creating an opportunity for rust and corrosion, while also turning an important asset to the park into an eyesore. Recycle bins usually require replacement in less than a year.

The National Park Service needed a solution that would not only protect the recycle bins but would also keep the bins aesthetically appealing to the public. In addition, they required the solution to be cost effective.

The Solution

Working directly with the National Park Facility Operations/Project Manager, LINE-X was able to offer the customer a solution to protect the bins while keeping them aesthetically appealing.

This solution would also prevent replacement costs therefore saving the park money.

The interior and exterior of the recycle bin were sandblasted to give the proper adhesion profile. LINE-X applicators primed and sprayed the interior and portions of the exterior with XS-100 protective coating, our industry-leading, signature protective coating that has been in use for over 20 years.

The application process took approximately 10 hours. The recycle bin was able to return to service within 24 hours of completion.

The Results

The management and maintenance staff at The National Park were very impressed and pleased with the LINE-X commercial coating solution. The protected bins are easy to clean, maintain, and will stay looking like new for much longer. Plus, the addition of a LINE-X Protective Coating offers the bins a longer life span saving the park money in repair and replacement costs