Rock Chips

Rock Chips

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Truck beds aren’t the only parts of personal vehicles that take a beating. The grill, hood and rocker panels of vehicles are vulnerable to chips by rocks and other road debris, even during normal driving conditions. These chips diminish the appearance of the vehicle while leaving it susceptible to rust.

Car “bras” are useful for protecting the grill and hood of a vehicle from damage, but they are often unsightly and become damaged over time. LINE-X can be applied to the front grill, hood and rocker panels for a permanent accessory that protects the vehicle from chipping and rust damage while enhancing the appearance.


After consulting with the owner of the vehicle, the LINE-X® store determined the customer’s preferences with regard to the shape and pattern of the terminating edges of the LINE-X coating. It is recommended to use an erasable marker to draw mock lines on the vehicle and get the customer’s approval before the application. Since the vehicle had OEM paint, the surface was prepped using the same methods as a truck bed: clean, etch with sandpaper, blow and wipe clean. The substrate was then sprayed with coloured LINE-X XS-100. Colour matched LINE-X® XTRA was applied last to add strength and UV protection as well as maintain a glossy lustre.


LINE-X XS-100 full-body spray can be colour matched the vehicle’s paint. Follow with LINE-X XTRA to add durability and UV stability to the application.


LINE-X XS-100 and LINE-X XTRA automotive coatings provided a permanent solution to protect the hood, grill and rocker panels for any vehicle from rock chips and other abrasion while enhancing the appearance of the vehicle.