RV Shower & Bathroom Facilities

RV shower & Bathroom Facilities

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A popular RV campsite was building a shower and bathroom facility. They were in need of a flooring solution that would be sturdy enough to withstand constant foot traffic of the guests while remaining aesthetically appealing.

In addition, because of the showers and steam involved, it was imperative the solution be non-skid and water resistant.


The entire floor area was sanded, vacuumed and wiped down with a de-greaser to remove contaminants.

LINE-X® XS-130 was sprayed to a minimum thickness of 3mm and given a textured finish. The entire floor of the shower and bathroom facility was completed in 6 hours.


LINE-X XS-130 commercial coating was chosen for its bonding ability to the substrate being used in the construction, as well as its non-skid and water resistant properties. Since XS-130 is aesthetically appealing and offers quick dry time all client needs were fulfilled.


LINE-X protective coatings provided an aesthetically appealing flooring solution that will withstand the foot traffic of the guests while providing the safety of a non-skid surface. Since the job was completed in one day, this allowed the construction team to resume work the following morning saving the client costly construction downtime.