Seating Benches

Seating Benches

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Research indicates that the quality of the waiting area – layout, cleanliness, light, colour, noise, imagery, etc. – can significantly impact a consumers experience and perception of service. Enhancing the waiting area can be a simple and cost-effective route to providing an appealing, relaxing atmosphere for the consumer.

A popular community car wash needed a solution to visually enhance their customer waiting area while protecting the furniture from corrosion damage caused by UV deterioration and chemicals found in the overspray of each wash. They looked to LINE-X® to provide a timely, cost-effective solution providing long-lasting results that would be visually appealing to the consumer.


The solution was provided in LINE-X XS-100 in an inviting red colour. XS-100 protective coatings provided a combination of durability and great looks to the seats in the waiting area while protecting them from corrosion damage and overspray. LINE-X® XTRA topcoat was added for aesthetics and additional UV protection.


Each seating bench was carefully disassembled into three pieces: the base, the seat and the bracket. Parts were pressure washed, etched with steel wool and cleaned with alcohol. Each part was then sprayed 1/8” thick with red LINE-X XS-100 followed by LINE-X XTRA. The commercial application project required three hours of shop time.


The seating benches protected by LINE-X XTRA have increased life and aesthetic appeal enhancing the waiting area for nearly half the cost of replacement. Former problems, including corrosion, UV deterioration and replacements have been eliminated.