Service Vehicles

Service Vehicles

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Impact and abrasion can easily wear away the thin layer of protection paint on service vehicles exposing the metal beneath to corrosion. The resulting of deterioration of the metal will require maintenance or replacement of the part. It also detracts from the overall appearance of the vehicle and image of the company. Additionally, employee steps can become slippery when exposed to the elements increasing slip and fall hazards.

A national railway company wanted to protect their service vehicles from corrosion while maintaining the professional corporate look of the company. They also wanted employee walk areas to be protected against slip resistance.


As speciality vehicle paint is not often applied in the same manner as consumer vehicles, the areas for application on the service body vehicles were sandblasted and brought to the local LINE-X facility. The parts were cleaned and primed using SF515. Once the primer had flashed, standard LINE-X XS-100 was applied at approximately 120 mils (1/8”) to each of the cabinets and to the deck of the vehicle.


LINE-X CS-100 protective coating was used to protect the risk areas of the service bodies. The entire application took approximately eight hours allowing the vehicles to be back in service the following day with no alteration in operation.


The LINE-X commercial application provides durable, long-lasting protection against impact, abrasion and corrosion. The special LINE-X texture also helps to decrease the risk of employee injury and cargo shifting while providing the professional appearance the client required.