Speaker Boxes

Speaker Boxes

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The Situation

Musicians and venues around the world rely on their sound equipment and speaker systems to perform nightly. Often times this equipment is being moved to and setup at concert venues on a weekly basis. This frequent moving and transport can cause serious equipment wear and tear that can drastically cut down the life expectancy of the speakers. Additionally, replacing this equipment can be extremely cost prohibitive so protecting it from damage or product failure is crucial. Speaker manufacturers, musicians and entertainment companies seek a solution to increase the durability and ensure performance of their extremely valuable music equipment.

The Solution

LINE-X offers an ideal solution to handle this abuse and help extend the life of speaker equipment. LINE-X XS-100 polyurethane/polyurea hybrid protective coating was selected due to its proven durability, impact and abrasion resistance, and scratch protection.

Speaker boxers are most commonly constructed using high grade MDF board. Prior to coating with LINE-X, the MDF is completely sanded and all staple or nail holes are filled to ensure all voids and imperfections are not shown in the final coating. All areas not receiving coatings are masked off to minimize overspray. LINE-X XS-100 is applied with an initial “texture coat” followed by a smooth thick build coat and final texture. Due to the fast-setting nature of XS-100, the speaker boxes can be fully assembled and return to service quickly.

The Results

LINE-X commercial coatings have proven to be extremely successful at enduring any potential damage and extending the life of the speaker equipment. Additionally, this solution has helped cut repair and replacement costs. LINE-X is continuously coating speaker boxes around the world for manufacturers and musicians requiring superior protection of their valuable equipment. LINE-X’s application expertise and protective coating solutions have exceeded the expectations of the customers.