Sports Catering

Sports Catering

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The Situation

A catering company invested in a specialized rig to use during sporting events – a 53 foot commercial kitchen on wheels! While the kitchen is state of the art, the floor was not.

Over time, the original vinyl tile floor began to loosen. The loose tiles got in the way of the crews feet as they moved throughout the kitchen creating a safety hazard. Additionally, the areas in the floor with missing tiles were unsightly and hard to clean.

As a result, the health inspector was very critical of the floor’s condition. The catering company risked failing a health inspection if the floor was not fixed.

The catering company chose to remove the entire vinyl floor. Instead of replacing it with a new vinyl floor, they chose to use a tougher, more durable option.

The Solution

The company turned to LINE-X to provide a complete flooring solution. LINE-X has long been recognized as a leader in spray-on protective coatings, but they also provide a unique flooring solution for residential and commercial use called ASPART-X. ASPART-X Flooring is an aliphatic polyurea coating with physical properties ideal for flooring applications and is applied using a roll-on technique.

Before ASPART-X could be applied, LINE-X XS-100 was used to repair the subfloor. LINE-X XS-100 is the most versatile and widely used LINE-X coating. Prior to application, the floor was cleaned, any imperfections were removed, and the surface was prepped to ensure maximum coating adhesion.

Then ASPART-X was applied in Commercial Kitchen Grey for a professional look. From start to finish, the ASPART-X application took 2 days to complete.

The Results

The owner was absolutely delighted with the ASPART-X application. ASPART-X offers a durable, permanent solution for the mobile kitchen. The high levels of abrasion and impact resistance will allow the floor to stay pristine event after event.

ASPART-X provides superior corrosion protection, exceptional gloss retention, chemical resistance as well as slip-resistance.

ASPART-X is also water resistant, easy to clean and will not fade or discolour over time. Thanks to the LINE-X team, the catering company can again operate in a clean, safe and professional environment that will last for years.