UTV Cargo Bed

UTV Cargo Bed

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The Situation

UTV cargo beds are exposed to extreme conditions while loading, hauling, and working in the field. This workload often leads to paint chipping, rusting, corrosion, and denting. All of which decreases the life expectancy and value of the UTV.

The Solution

LINE-X XS-100 polyurea/ polyurethane hybrid automotive coating formula was chosen as it has proved extremely durable protecting over 4 million truck beds against impact, corrosion, abrasion, and chemical exposure.

Most UTV beds are easily detachable and are completely removed prior to spraying of the ute liner. Using a DA sander, the cargo bed was sanded and scuffed to create an adhesion promoting surface. Also, Wire trim tape, masking tape, and paper were used during the prep procedure to prevent overspray and create a clean, finished application.

LINE-X high-pressure, high temperature coating system was sprayed on at approximately 125 mils thick on the floor and 80 mils on the walls. This procedure can be performed at any of our many LINE-X Franchises and/or applicators across the globe.

The Results

The LINE-X XS-100 has proven to be an ideal solution for prolonging the life expectancy of the overall product and decreasing product part failures under heavy workload.

With over 50,000 units sprayed, LINE-X coatings has held up to its durable reputation with virtually zero known in-field failures.