Vault Toilets

Vault Toilets

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The Situation

Vault toilet systems in National Parks are severely abused by outdoor elements. The vault toilets in Joshua Tree National Park in California were particularly susceptible to damage caused by extreme temperatures, UV exposure and sandstorms. They are also put to the test by the campers who set fires on the floors and defaced the walls and ceiling.

The park/campground staff are responsible for keeping the facilities clean and aesthetically appealing for the public. Some of the vaults that have fire or other damage need to be repainted on a daily basis. This becomes very costly in materials and labour for the National Park service.

The National Park service required a solution for the constant maintenance and cost issues surrounding the vault toilet systems.

The Solution

Working directly with the National Park Facility Operations/Project Manager, LINE-X offered a solution to protect the facilities extending the life of the vault toilet systems while providing an aesthetically pleasing finished product. The solution is cost effective as it minimizes maintenance and material costs.

To apply the LINE-X coating, the concrete vault floor was stripped of the existing epoxy coating and sanded to achieve the proper etch profile. The walls and ceiling were tested to verify proper adhesion and prepped for spraying.

A dark grey pigment was chosen for the floor and applied to a thickness of 80 mils. A fire-rated topcoat was added for additional surface protection.

The commercial application process took approximately 8 hours. The vault was back in full operation within 24 hours of completion.

The Results

The management and maintenance staff at the National Park were very impressed with the protective coatings solution provided by LINE-X. Fire damage and other issues were eliminated.

The protected facilities are easy to clean and maintain. LINE-X Protective Coatings offer the vault toilet systems a longer life span saving the park service money in maintenance and replacement costs.