Wrought Iron

Wrought Iron

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The Situation

Wrought iron furniture is popular all over the country. Homeowners enjoy the classic look of the furniture on their deck or patio. They also like its somewhat heavy construction which makes the furniture stable in windy conditions. The most common topcoat finishes found on wrought iron furniture are either paint or powder coating.

While owning wrought iron furniture has several advantages over other options for outdoor and patio furniture, it does have several disadvantages. One of the major disadvantages of wrought iron furniture is its inability to fight the outdoor elements, despite a topcoat finish. Whether the initial coating is paint or powder coating, eventually the furniture will rust and cause unsightly, brown and reddish coloured streaks and stains on both the furniture and deck or patio. Because LINE-X is nationally recognized for protecting truck beds against rust and corrosion, a customer decided to have their wrought iron furniture covered and protected by LINE-X.

The Solution

The customer dropped off the set of wrought iron furniture to be coated and protected by LINE-X. LINE-X prepped the furniture by sand-blasting the surface. This removed the existing powder coating and any rust or surface contamination. LINE-X applied a primer coating which improves the long term durability and protection of the PREMIUM topcoat.

LINE-X finished the application with a black topcoat of PREMIUM creating a beautiful, long-term, and durable new finish to the wrought iron furniture. The PREMIUM coating is a UV stable product which means that overtime the coating will not fade even in the brightest of areas of your yard. Years from now this particular set of wrought iron furniture will continue to have that “like new” shine.

The Results

When the homeowners picked up the “new” set of wrought iron furniture, they were very impressed with the application. They like having a “new” set of outdoor furniture to show off to their friends and neighbours.

By spraying their iron furniture with LINE-X PREMIUM, the customers prevented future problems with rust causing unsightly blemishes to their patio, deck or other property. Rust stains can be a challenge to clean and often you can actually set the stain rather than remove it. With a LINE-X application they can maintain the appearance of their home with greater ease.

The homeowners were thrilled to have a practical and beautiful finish applied to their furniture, which will stand up to the outdoor elements and allow them to enjoy their wrought iron furniture for years to come.