Vehicle Restoration

Vehicle Restoration

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An automotive enthusiast was restoring a vehicle and needed impact and abrasion protection on the undercarriage. The vehicle needed significant protection that would not chip or easily wear while also protecting from rocks and other road debris. It was imperative that the protection not interfere with the performance of the vehicle.

The enthusiast also wanted to maintain the original “look” of the vehicle by colour matching the protection to the exterior paint.


The vehicle was brought into the local LINE-X® facility, on a rotisserie with all the application areas already sandblasted. The vehicle was masked and primed with SF-515. When the application window opened, the vehicle was sprayed with XS-100 to approximately 80-100 mils thick. Though 60 mils would provide sufficient impact and abrasion resistance, the customer chose a thicker application to provide increased sound dampening.

Putting the vehicle on a rotisserie allowed sufficient access to all areas so an even coat could be applied to the desired surfaces.


LINE-X XS-100 was sprayed onto the undercarriage of the vehicle. The entire process takes two days to complete: one day to receive and mask, another day to prime, coat and spray with LINE-X® XTRA.


The automotive application was a success. The customer was happy to get additional strength for the uni-body sheet metal construction with LINE-X, making the undercarriage more stout and sturdy while also providing protection from road debris. The colour matched LINE-X XTRA kept the original “look” of the vehicle the customer was requesting. The process did not interfere with the vehicle performance. LINE-X also provided the added benefit of noise abatement.

The LINE-X application used in this circumstance is often cheaper than painting or powder coating and it is much more durable.