Heavy Machinery

Heavy Machinery

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A heavy machinery manufacturer needed a solution for the damage caused inside the hydraulic equipment they manufactured when the equipment is put into use. The quick and inconsistent movement of the machine causes the ram to collide with the cylinder in certain spots, resulting in wear and damage to both pieces.

The manufacturer was forced to handle increased warranty claims and repairs. They needed a solution that would both provide impact and abrasion resistance and provide a higher quality product for their customers.


Several components were delivered to the LINE-X shop either in their raw steel or pre-painted stage. The cylinder components were aggregate blasted and primed with LINE-X SF-515. Aggressive hand sanding was an option; however the high performance requirements of these items necessitated a high quality bond.

LINE-X XS-100 was sprayed at approximately 125 mils thick. Per the customer’s request, the cylinder component was only coated in the areas where the ram and cylinder could potentially contact. The components were ready for full use in 24 hours.


LINE-X XS-100 protective coating was sprayed on the cylinders to protect both the rams and the cylinders from damage. Each cylinder component was sprayed in less than an hour.


The LINE-X coating provided a cushioned operating area for the hydraulic cylinder, resulting in less rework for the manufacturer and fewer warranty claims. The addition of LINE-X industrial coating to the hydraulic system improved its functionality and value, resulting in a satisfied customer.