Hopper Trailer

Hopper Trailer

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Hopper bottom trailers are used primarily to transport fertilizer and grain. The hoppers are exposed to:

  1. Rust damage from the salt used in Northern climates.
  2. Highly corrosive fertilizer dust.
  3. Road rash from travel on gravel roads.


During LINE-X® prep and application, all moving mechanisms are carefully protected so they don’t interfere with the control system. After masking, a thorough cleaning is performed. On new equipment, LINE-X agricultural coating is applied right over the paint. For used equipment, the cleaning process includes sand blasting and removal of any pre-existing corrosion, loose paint, etc. Cleaned substrates are then primed. LINE-X XS-100 is applied using high pressure impingement Application equipment, followed by topcoat. Unit is then unmasked and is ready to go. Full cure is complete in 24

Extremely quick set-up time (2-3 seconds) allows LINE-X protective coating to be sprayed at any angle without any resulting drips, runs or sags. Colour can be matched to any colour.


LINE-X can be applied to interior and exterior hopper surfaces providing a durable long-term solution to issues of corrosion and abrasion.


Whether protecting a new hopper trailer or upgrading what you have—with LINE-X you can expect a durable, maintenance free, good looking finish.