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The decks of houseboats are subjected to harsh conditions and repeated exposure to the elements. These decks are traditionally constructed with high grade plywood which is covered with a labour-intensive fiberglass gelcoat surface. Unfortunately, the gelcoat is susceptible to cracks and does not withstand significant impact damage. In very little time, the decks of million dollar houseboats become damaged, degrading their appearance and functionality. Due to the EPA restrictions which require the boats to be removed from the water before fiberglass work can be done, maintenance and repairs can cost thousands of dollars.


The wooden deck was sanded and coated with 125 mils (approx. 1/8th of an inch) of LINE-X® XS-100 recreational coating, coloaded according to the owner’s specifications. The protective coating was then topped with LINE-X® XTRA to give it a long lasting, glossy, color-coded finish. Total application time was approximately one quarter that of traditional gelcoat finishes.


The deck of the houseboat was coated with LINE-X XS-100 and LINE-X XTRA to provide strength, durability and aesthetic value.


With superior tensile strength and abrasion resistance, LINE-X XS-100 created a surface that is tough, functional and aesthetically pleasing. In addition to providing superior protection, the LINE-X slip resistant coating helps prevent slip and fall injuries. Since LINE-X has zero VOC/CFC, small repairs can be accomplished while the houseboat is waterborne, decreasing maintenance costs.