HVAC Cooling Tower

HVAC Cooling Tower

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The Situation

HVAC cooling towers are common in all cites. They use the evaporation of fresh water on the cooling tubes to remove heat. Fans are typically installed to enhance the evaporation by providing a constant breeze. The water falling across the tubes that does not evaporate returns to a sump at the bottom of the cooling tower where it is pumped to the top again.

Water that evaporates from the system is made up by float valve and feeder pipe arrangement. Due to the fact the water is in constant motion and entraining a great deal of air, the sump area tends to collect many contaminants which accelerates its corrosion and deterioration.

The Solution

LINE-X XS-350 industrial coating was used to coat the bottom of the sump and 24” up the walls sealing the pan and protecting the galvanized steel from corrosion. To avoid taking the equipment out of service for longer than necessary, this work can be completed on site using a portable LINE-X machine.

The cooling tower was drained and allowed to dry. The surface was cleaned and prepared using media blasting. The LINE-X team masked off all areas not intended for coating including the fans and fan motors. The bottom and sides of the sump were primed using LINE-X FCP Primer. After priming, LINE-X XS-350 was applied to complete the application.

The Results

The customer was very pleased with the results of the job. The leaks were fixed and in addition the customer has a long term corrosion solution. It was completed on time without causing any additional down time for servicing. This particular job can be completed in as little as one day on site.

LINE-X XS-350 protective coating will provide the customer with a waterproofing barrier to prevent the corrosion of the galvanized metal usually seen in HVAC cooling tower units. This application will save the customer over time because of the lowered maintenance and repair costs.