The Most Durable Commercial Kitchen Flooring Option

Commercial kitchen flooring using bricks.

Commercial kitchen floors take a lot of beating daily. Aside from enduring heat, spills, drips, breaking glass or plates, and dropped utensils, there’s also the unending scurrying here and there. Commercial kitchen flooring also needs to have certain qualities that’ll make it safe for all kitchen staff who work in the area and wait staff…

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The Benefits of Protective Coatings Over Powder Coating

Steel, iron, and other materials usually require an enhanced barrier to protect them from corrosion, improve wear resistance, and extend their life span. This protective layer is particularly important in industries that make use of expensive equipment and machinery, such as in construction, manufacturing, shipping, agriculture, and oil and gas.  You can also change the way your…

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Your 2021 Guide to Effective Ute Tray Storage Solutions

Ute’s are the ultimate tradie vehicle to store and transport your tools and equipment, providing an all-round economical vehicle with great storage capacity. However, you may need to make some modifications if you intend to use your storage space as efficiently as possible. Ute toolboxes, drawers and ute storage accessories also make organising your tools…

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