The Most Durable Commercial Kitchen Flooring Option

Commercial kitchen flooring using bricks.

Commercial kitchen floors take a lot of beating daily. Aside from enduring heat, spills, drips, breaking glass or plates, and dropped utensils, there’s also the unending scurrying here and there. Commercial kitchen flooring also needs to have certain qualities that’ll make it safe for all kitchen staff who work in the area and wait staff…

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The Benefits of Protective Coatings Over Powder Coating

Steel, iron, and other materials usually require an enhanced barrier to protect them from corrosion, improve wear resistance, and extend their life span. This protective layer is particularly important in industries that make use of expensive equipment and machinery, such as in construction, manufacturing, shipping, agriculture, and oil and gas.  You can also change the way your…

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Your 2021 Guide to Effective Ute Tray Storage Solutions

Ute’s are the ultimate tradie vehicle to store and transport your tools and equipment, providing an all-round economical vehicle with great storage capacity. However, you may need to make some modifications if you intend to use your storage space as efficiently as possible. Ute toolboxes, drawers and ute storage accessories also make organising your tools…

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Perth 4WD & Adventure Show 2020

Get ready for Perth’s 4WD & Adventure Show. A showcase of the very best products from leading Australian and international brands. The 4WD & Adventure show will include 4WD accessories, caravans & camper trailers, boating & fishing accessories and camping/adventure equipment. The Perth 4WD & Adventure Show will be held in Victoria Park, WA, from…

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How To Create The Ultimate Tradie Ute Setup

line-x tradie ute setup

Coming up with the best tradie ute setup requires some research. What you need is a reliable road partner and workhorse that’ll faithfully keep you safe on and off the clock. The cheapest options no longer cut it, as tradies today require not only tough work trucks but also plenty of safety gear and comfort features. And…

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5 Benefits of Protective Workshop Floor Coatings

workshop floor coatings

One of the first fit-out decisions you’ll make when moving to a new workshop or redesigning your current workshop is deciding on the right workshop floor coating. But which floor covering option should you pick? Flooring paint, epoxy flooring, protective coating – they all have their benefits. Workshop floors need a strong coating that will…

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Find the Most Effective Garage Floor Covering Option

With so many garage floor covering options available, deciding on the right covering for your home or business can become confusing and over-complicated. Ideally, you want to find the most durable and long-lasting option to suit your application, within your budget. Your decision will likely depend on if you’re seeking commercial flooring or residential flooring. Read on for…

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How To Protect Your Boat, Jet Ski, or Yacht From Corrosion

Owning a boat, jet ski, or yacht is a serious investment, so owners would want to protect and ensure its longevity and functionality. Owners are usually happy to show off their shiny stainless steel possessions signifying not only the pride of ownership but also the care and work that goes into keeping everything sparkling, protected,…

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See LINE-X at The Australian Oil & Gas Exhibition & Conference 2020

The annual Australasian Oil & Gas (AOG) Exhibition & Conference is the largest oil & gas event in Australia, featuring over 300 exhibiting brands and over 8,700 global visitors. Come and meet the LINE-X team this year at AOG 2020. We’ll be showcasing various protective coating and more specifically, industrial protective coating demonstrations along with a live Q&A…

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Truck Gear Expedition Cooler Challenge

Moab is a sacred destination for Jeep and off-road enthusiasts. This remote section of Utah draws thousands of Jeepers to its rugged trails and stunning vistas every year. It’s also the place we chose to put our 4×4 accessories, Truck Gear by LINE-X Expedition storage cooler to the test. Have you ever seen a cooler do this?…

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5 Ways Line-X Improves Fleet Vehicle Upfitting

National work-vehicle fleets make our lives more convenient than ever. Packages are delivered right to our door by a fleet of delivery trucks. Rental cars make it possible to get to our destinations while traveling. Moving trucks help us relocate our lives. Food arrives at our local markets and stores by fleet vehicles. Electric, gas…

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Complete Coatings Solution for Work Trucks: Nichols Fleet Equipment Case Study

Nichols Fleet Equipment

Many truck owners know LINE-X as a tough, nearly indestructible protective coating for bedliners. But our coatings are capable of so much more. Companies around the world requiring corrosion-, abrasion-, and impact-resistant coatings trust our expertise in polyurea development and application. When Nichols Fleet Equipment needs serious protection, they turn to LINE-X. We protect all automotive vehicles; work…

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